Anna Blue Dolphins

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Welcome to the Anna Blue Dolphins Swim Team!

NOTICE: The SISL league met and it was decided that the swim season is officially called off for 2020. Everyone was sad to have to make the decision but it was a unanimous vote by all teams. With all the questions surrounding pools being able to open, it isn’t possible to plan a swim season. We will miss swimming with you and hope you all continue to stay healthy!

Meet Reminders:

  • Dual meets will all begin at 6pm. Warm-ups are at 5:15 for the home team and 5:30 for the visiting team.
  • Invitationals have varying start times, but generally will be 8:30 or 9:00am. Warm-up times will not be given until a few days before the meet. Alerts will be sent out once the warm-ups schedule has been decided.
  • If your swimmer is attending a meet, you will be expected to work at the meet. You can signup for specific jobs in TeamSnap, but please understand that sometimes other positions need filled, and you might need to work a different job. Any swimmer that does not have a person work the meet will be charged a $10 fee per meet.

SISL - our team league has started a Facebook page this year. The goal is to post information that is easy for all teams to find. Check it out! Link to SISL PAGE


We are looking for team sponsors. As many of you are aware, we lost our concession revenue last year due to the city's concession contract with a local business. Money that we normally would have earned from hosting champs must now be made up from sponsorships and fundraising. If you know a business that would sponsor our team, please send them the sponsor form located on the Documents page. Thank you!

Year-Round Swim Teams

Not ready to stop swimming yet? There are several teams in our area that swim year-round. Check them out if you are interested!

Saluki Swim Club:

The Hub Manta Rays:

River City Aquatics: